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  • Topping DX7 PRO
  • Topping DX7 PRO
  • Topping DX7 PRO
  • Topping DX7 PRO
  • Topping DX7 PRO
  • Topping DX7 PRO
  • Topping DX7 PRO

    Topping DX7 PRO

    Thương hiệu: Topping rating

    Tình trạng: Liên hệ
    Bảo hành: 12 tháng
    Giá: 14.990.000 đ

    Gọi mua hàng : 1900 636012 (8h - 21h)

    Báo khi có hàng

    Để lại số điện thoại, nhận ưu đãi khi có hàng

    Đặc điểm nổi bật của Topping DX7 PRO

    A desktop DAC could also accurately restore the scene

    DX7 pro uses ESS DAC ES9038PRO chip,with TOPPING elaborate design and adjustment,the distortion is 0. 00010,DNR 126dB,and SNR 126dB,accurately restores each wonderful note to your ears. 

    Bluetooth 5.0,redefining HD wireless audio with LDAC

    DX7Pro uses CSR8675 chipset to support Bluetooth 5.0 and LDAC/AAC/SBC/APTX/APX LL/APX HD protocol. DX7 Pro could achieve 24bit 96KHZ HD transmission With LDAC, the Bluetooth could have good sound performance from right on. If you do not need the Bluetooth input,you can completely turn it off in the menu. 

    Close to the mountain top,PCM32bit 768kHz DSD512 native

    XMOS XU208 and Thesycon customized driver(Win 7 and above)gives the DX7 Pro superior decoding capability on USB;PCM support up to 32bit 768KHZ and DSD support to DSD512(native). 

    Other digital Inputs

    In addition to the above input, DX7 Pro also support OPT,COAX and AES input. All Support up to 24bit 192khz,Which are convenient for you to connect different devices to have better performance. 

    Voltage selector switch

    • 115V for AC100V-120V 50/60Hz
    • 230V for AC220V-240V 50/60Hz 


    • Measurement:22.2cmx17.8cm x4. 5cm
    • Weight:1.4Kg
    • Power input:AC110V/AC220V 50HZ/60HZ
    • Signal input:USB/BT/OPT/IIS/AES/COAX
    • Line Out output:XLR/RCA
    • Headphone amp output:6.35mm/XLR Balanced output/4.4mm Balanced output
    • *WARNING: We will send you the correct VOLTAGE version based on your country.


    Specifications support

    • USBIN: 44.1 kHz-768kHz/16bit-32bit DSD64-DSD512(Native). DSD64-DSD256(DOP)
    • OPT/AES/COAX: 44. 1kHz-192kHz/16bit-24bit, DSD64(DOP)
    • IIS IN: 44.1kHz-768kHz/ 16Bit-32BitDSD64-DSD1024

    Contents list:

    • DX7 Pro1
    • 6.35mm to 3.5mm connector1
    •  Bluetooth antenna1
    • Remote control1
    • USB cable1
    • AC cable1
    • Usermanual1
    • Warranty card1

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