• Tai nghe Oriolus Crassirostris
  • Tai nghe Oriolus Crassirostris
  • Tai nghe Oriolus Crassirostris
  • Tai nghe Oriolus Crassirostris
  • Tai nghe Oriolus Crassirostris
  • Tai nghe Oriolus Crassirostris
  • Tai nghe Oriolus Crassirostris

    Tai nghe Oriolus Crassirostris

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    Giá: 28.990.000 đ
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    Đặc điểm nổi bật của Tai nghe Oriolus Crassirostris

    Oriolus Crassirostris

    Hybrid design of dynamic transducer and three balanced Sonion armature transducers

    Oriolus is a young audio brand from Japan that debuted in 2015, but behind it are players with many years of experience in the audio market. It belongs to Cyras and its activities are coordinated by Hibino Intersound, which is also involved in the design of oriolusa's new products.

    The idea is to offer products characterized by the highest purity sound, which will be pleasant to the human ear like singing wolf. It was from the Latin name of this bird that the name of the brand Oriolus was derived.

    Oriolus Crassirostris Specification

    • transducers: dynamic and 3 armature (Sonion)
    • effectiveness: 115 dB
    • impedance: 27 oops
    • transmission band: 10 Hz - 40 kHz
    • connectors: 2-pin
    • wire: 1.2 m, copper and silver
    • plug: 3.5 mm (single ended)

    The contents of the set:

    • in-ear headphones
    • 3.5 mm (SE) cable
    • 5 pairs of tips
    • 2 pairs of foams
    • clip for fixing
    • cleaning tool
    • Box

    Classic design in a new release

    One of the company's newest products is Oriolus Crassirostris (wilga grubodzioba), a hybrid model with a proprietary dynamic transducer and three specially selected armature transducers provided by the Danish company Sonion. It's similar in design to the acclaimed Oriolus MK2, but the Crassirostris features even higher sound quality and slightly different tuning - the model guarantees great low-tone quality, a clear and natural diameter, and a detailed but smooth top.

    High-quality cable included

    All Oriolus headphones are available with high-quality cables as standard. The Crassirostris is no exception. Mini Audio has prepared a hybrid wire made of high purity copper (in unique blue insulation) and pure silver (in transparent insulation) with a 3.5 mm (single ended) plug. This cable guarantees great sound, and also has stylish metal elements - a small and light splitter and plug and connector covers.

    Ergonomic resin domes

    Oriolus Crassirostris is also a great workmanship. Their casings are made of high-quality resin in a precision 3D printing process. The domes have an ergonomic design that has been developed after analyzing a large number of human aulus scans, and the overlays added in the set (single, double and foam) make them easier to fit into the shape of the canal. The headphones are equipped with a 2-pin connector, which allows you to quickly replace the cable.


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    Thông số kỹ thuật của Tai nghe Oriolus Crassirostris

    Số driver mỗi bên
    • BAx3 DDx1
    Kiểu tai nghe
    • In-ear
    • Nhét tai
    Trở kháng
    • 27ohm

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