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  • PWaudio No.5 Cho HD650
  • PWaudio No.5 Cho HD650

    PWaudio No.5 Cho HD650

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    Tình trạng: Tạm hết hàng
    Bảo hành: 03 tháng
    Giá: Liên hệ

    Gọi mua hàng : 1900 636012 (8h - 21h)

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    Thông số kỹ thuật của PWaudio No.5 Cho HD650

    • This cable is exclusively designed and made by PWAudio using pure custom copper wire.
    • The Flash copper cable is made with wires of a special coaxial design, which maximises conductivity and minimises electromagnetic interference in the most compact package.
    • The audio signal is carried by the core wire bundle and the grounding signal is carried by the shielding bundle of wires.
    • Furthermore, The Flash Copper is enameled internally to make it a lot more resistant to oxidation.
    • All PW Audio cables are built using Mundorf supreme silver gold solder, one of the highest quality solder on the market.
    • This cable is not only thin and portable but is also impressive. This copper cable is an excellent copper cable. It brings out the clarity and widens the soundstage of your in ear monitors which would impress many audiophiles.

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