• Cowon Plenue S

Cowon Plenue S

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Bảo hành: 12 tháng
Giá: 43.990.000 đ

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The Supremacy


Beyond The Best Sound


Native DSD 256 Support   l   24bit/192kHz High Definition Sound   l   Highest Performance Burr-Brown PCM1792A DAC 
3Vrms High Output Amplifier   l   High Precision Dual TCXO   l   High Quality Balanced Out   l   SNR 120dB, THD+N 0.0005%   l   JetEffect 7 & BBE+, 66 Presets   l   DXD / DSD(DFF,DSF) / FLAC / WAV / AIFF / ALAC / APE / MP3 / WMA / OGG / WV / TTA / DCF   l   ARM Cortex Dual-Core   l   AMOLED 3.7 inch 16M Color Display   l   Premium High Strength Metal Unibody   l   Isometric Edge Design   l   Convenient Multi-Button   l   High Speed 128GB Internal Memory   l   microSD Card Slot   l    Optical Out   l   Expansion Unit Support   l   Finest Quality Leather Case
The Supremacy, Better Than Any Other Sound
No conversion Native DSD 256, high fidelity Burr-Brown PCM1792A DAC, high quality balanced output, high precision dual TCXO clock, and the powerful 3Vrms driving performance for perfect sound reproduction. The PLENUE S delivers indescribably perfect sound fidelity. PLENUE S has taken a giant step towards true sound reproduction. Check out the PLENUE S for the latest in sound reproduction technology. Get a PLENUE S for a totally new audio experience.


Cowon Plenue S
Support Native DSD up to DSD256
The PLENUE S supports Native DSD standard for high definition DSD sound without PCM conversion. The PLENUE S power performance options: DSD256 (1bit, 11.2MHz), DSD64 and DSD128. By supporting Native DSD, the PLENUE S delivers the fidelity true audiophiles demand.
Industry best Response Rate with 3Vrms High Performance Amp
For optimum sound reproduction, the amp must deliv…



Cowon Plenue S

High Quality Balanced Output
Balanced output effectively blocks noise generated when signals are transmitted by adding "out of phase" signals to unbalanced output signals. Since it transmits two types of signals simultaneously, the PLENUE S strengthens the output signal for clearer and crisper reproduction of original sound. The PLENUE S uses balanced output to reproduce crisp original sounds.
Cowon Plenue S
The Best Possible Choice HD Sound, SNR 120dB and THD+N 0.0005%
SNR 120dB and THD+N 0.0005% deliver 24bit HD Sound with beautifully balanced output.
The PLENUE S provides the balanced, high resolution output music lovers have come to expect from PLENUE.

It is one of key criteria that can be measured to compare acoustic performances between one to another. If there is a difference of 6dB between two devices, there is a difference of 1 quantization bit in digital signal. For example, the device with 113dB has a loss of more than 1 quantization bit in digital signal, which leads to twice the amplitude resolution difference comparing to PLENUE S with 120dB. Therefore, to fully enjoy the HD Sound, a device must have excellent SNR figures.
Having a poor SNR or THD means the device performs imperfect reproduction of the 24bit source, so there is no difference between playing 24bit source and 16bit source. COWON processed through intensive research and development period to achieve the best SNR, THD etc. PLENUE S covers from basic specifications to advanced ones offering enhanced enjoyment of listening HD Sound to users.
Cowon Plenue S
※ Above graphs are only for SNR reference, signal waves do not represent the actual noise.
World Famous Professional Sound Control JetEffect 7
The JetEffect 7 and BBE+ delivers optimal HD sound quality through precision sound compensation and adjustment control.
The user presets and 50 reference presets allow adjustment of the 10 band EQ filter and BBE+ with phase correction so each user has precision tone control for live sound reproduction. No matter which environment you listen to music, the kind of receiver you use, or genre of music you prefer, JetEffect 7 delivers the best Hi-Fi sound quality.
Cowon Plenue S
10 Band EQ Filter
Advanced settings to adjust the frequency and width of each band.
High-definition effects to sharpen sound.
Bass booster to enhance super low-end bass.
3D Surround
Three-dimensional sound for an enhanced sense of space.
MP Enhance
A feature for compensating lost sound segments.
Sound effect that enriches the audio
A reverb effect for enhanced realism.
*Chorus Mode: Chorus 1, Chorus 2, Chorus 3, Unison 1, Unison 2, Flange 1, Flange 2, Flange 3
*Reverb Mode: Chamber, Room, Club, Hall, Auditorium, Cathedral, Stadium, Canyon, Long
Cowon Plenue S
Mounted with The World's Best Audio DAC, Burr-Brown PCM1792A DAC
The industry best DAC Burr-Brown PCM1792A audio converter creates premium sound. Native DSD reproduction, delivers original sound by inputting DSD data directly to the DAC without PCM conversion, for the highest level of DSD256.
Perfect High Precision Dual TCXO Clock
The Dual TCXO Clock matches perfectly with the 44.1kHz and 48kHz series for the music industry's most precise lineup. The model delivers dependable fidelity even in variable temperatures and fluctuating voltages.
PLENUE S chose audio friendly Embedded Linux system to accomplish the perfect high quality HD Sound. COWON's Embedded Linux is proved in many audio devices over the decades. Therefore hardware is highly optimized by using the Linux system, this optimization allows the device to provide stable high quality sound system.
Intuitive GUI + 3.7" AMOLED Touch Display
PLENUE S comes with a full touch screen, 3.7" AMOLED Display, and an intuitive control GUI to maximize the convenience. Touch & Drag Browsing and Equalizer setting is designed to operate with touching the display only. In addition, various playing functions are provided with physical buttons to offer the maximum comfort to users. Also various designs of Matrix Browser and Player Skins, high quality AlbumArt View, and Stereo Level Meter add a visual enjoyment as well.
Supports 5 Different Lyrics Formats
Listening to music will be even more fun with support of lyrics format that incorporates a variety of information. Various information of music can be checked by 5 different lyrics formats such as LRC, LDB, Lyrics3, ID3 Tag lyrics (time information available)
Cowon Plenue S
Interface Accounts for Scalable Devices
The Pogo Pin socket terminal at the bottom of the PLENUE S provides high resolution balance line out output that can be scaled up with multiple devices using the micro USB terminal. A cradle for recharging and XLR balanced audio output are scheduled for release soon. The usability of the PLENUE S will be extended to cradle type DAC for a more convenient music listening experience.
*The cradle is sold separately.
Cowon Plenue SCowon Plenue S
Cowon Plenue S


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