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  • Loa Aune X3 Speaker

Loa Aune X3 Speaker

Mã hàng: 22730 | Thương hiệu: Aune rating

AUNE X3 Speaker is a Passive Speaker with single horn for home listening, it will beat the traditional HIFI speakers for its small body.
In addition to its elegant appearance, you'll also be attracted by its sound performance. With enough bandwidth and perfect performance in the big picture, X3 can make you enjoy either symphony or pop songs or human voice. 

Tình trạng: Tạm hết hàng
Bảo hành: 12 tháng
Giá: 3.990.000 đ
Số lượng:   
Mua ngay Cho vào giỏ

Hotline Hà Nội : 097395 3333 (Từ 8h30 - 21h tất cả các ngày trong tuần)

Hotline Hồ Chí Minh : 097844 5555 (Từ 8h30 - 21h tất cả các ngày trong tuần)

Đặc điểm nổi bật của Loa Aune X3 Speaker

Piano Lacquer----Painting with three layer of piano lacquer to make it much more appealing and durable too. Nice gold-plated copper binding post----with great performance of touch-points, and can prevent oxidation too.
Foot shock nail----to avoid the resonance between the speakers and the desktop holding the speakers, which can make the speakers perform better. And the sound comes out of them would be much clearer, cleaner and more powerful too.
Adopting long magnetic gap and short voice coil tech----to make frequency response much more smoothly and reduce distortion too.
Applying BENNIC components in building the sound regulator----to make the timbre of X3 much mellower and warmer.

Thông số kỹ thuật của Loa Aune X3 Speaker

Impedance: 6Ω
Power: 15W MAX
Response range: 70Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity: 82dB
Weight: 4kg
Dimension: 170 * 130 * 215(mm)



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